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The sealing element of the spiral-wound gasket consists of a V-shaped metal strip spirally wound in combination with a flexible sealing material. The metal band offers exceptional resilience, while the flexible sealing ensures excellent sealing. Thanks to this combination of materials the spiral-wound seal is suitable for sealing under highly fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions. Depending on the application the spiral winding joint can be specified with the outer and/or inner rings.

Spiral joints are suitable for use over a wide range of stresses.
*Spiral-wound seals can be used to seal fluid pressures up to 400 bar and from cryogenic temperatures up to 1000°C.
*Spiral joints are robust and easy to install.
*The outer guide ring simplifies assembly and prevents the joint from bursting.
*By combining different materials and winding metals the joint can be adapted to a wide variety of conditions operating.
*The seal is easy to remove after servicing and does not cause damage to the flange faces

Types Of Spiral Gasket

Style SWO


Includes a sealing element and an outer metal ring. The outer ring helps to locate the seal on the flange faces and prevents excessive compression of the sealing element ensuring optimal sealing performance.SWO style joints are suitable for use on raised and flat flange fittings. SWO style seals are suitable for use in mild to moderate service conditions.

Style SWIO


In addition to an outer metal ring, the SWIO style seal is equipped with an inner metal ring, limiting the tinned element on the inner and outer diameters.The inner ring acts as an additional compression stop and prevents the internal buckling of the sealing element. It also creates a physical barrier between the sealing element and the flow of heat and environmental protec- tion processes while preventing erosion

Style SW


Is composed of a sealing element, additional layers of metal are used at the beginning and end of the winding process improving stability and sealing performance. Unlike other types of spiral winding joints,the com- pressing of the sealing element is controll- ed by using the correct configuration of the flange face, SW style seals are suitable for use on tongue and groove flange connectio- ns, male and female and groove flat connections

Style SWI


Consists of a sealing element and an intern- al metal ring. The inner ring functions both as a compression stop and creates a physi- cal barrier between the sealing element and the media flow.The inner ring is also designed to reduce turbulent flow, minimize flange erosion and prevent debris from accumulating in the annulus space between the pipe bore and the inner diameter of the joint.

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