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Camprofile joints consist of a metal body (usually stainless steel) with concentric ridges on either side,coated with flexible sealing materials embedded in the ridges: expanded graphite, ThermiculiteTM or PTFE, depending on the use.

The coated grooved joints operate on a very wide compression scale on the joint. Therefore they are perfectly suited for use with varying pressures and temperatures, for construction flanges of all dimensions. Other advantages are excellent sealing, thanks to the minimum thickness of the sealing layers, a low sensitivity to assembly defects and the possibility to reuse the metal bodies after cleaning.

Types Of Camprofile Gasket

Basic Type

Grooved Gasket Basic Type

*Grooved gasket without the guide ring, it’s used for tongue & groove or male & female flange.
*Typically used as a heat exchanger gasket, as an upgrade to double jacketed gaskets when a lower load is needed.

Loose Outer Circle Type

Grooved Gasket Loose Outer Circle Type

*Grooved metal gasket with loose outer ring type is regarded as a problem solver for heat exchanger, large vessels and equipment.
*The outer metallic ring works as a centering ring during installation on a flange. While the sealing layers on both sides protect the flange surface and reinforced the seal.

Integral Outer Circle Type

Grooved Gasket Integral Outer Circle Type

*A fixed outer ring type camprofile gasket is also called an integral outer ring type is for aligning purposes. It’s used in raised flanges.

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